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Funds & Asset Recovery

Calgary Security specializes in assisting individuals and companies to recover undelivered assets and payments that they are legally entitled to from various funds custodians. We provide a highly personalized service and our expertise is in researching and tracking these undelivered funds and assets. Our training and experience can help steam-line and simplify the funds recovery process to ensure our clients are paid as promptly as possible.

Through an intensive Initial Property Identification process (“IPI”), Calgary Security uncovers sources that are likely holding unclaimed funds for our clients. These sources include thousands of Federal, State, City, County, US Territory and foreign jurisdictions, many of which are exempt from state escheat laws. Additionally, Calgary Security identifies outstanding payments from hundreds of sources where owners’ rights to claim funds are extinguished by the passage of time.

The IPI is based upon a detailed analysis of our clients’ history, fictitious names, and physical locations. Calgary Security then utilizes our proprietary database, comprised of 20+ years of data, automated state-of-the-art search software, manual investigation, and public records requests to locate these unclaimed funds from the sources identified during the initial phase of the IPI. Once the property is identified, we conduct a due diligence review to substantiate that only 100% client owned property is recovered.

Calgary Security then begins the collection process by assembling all of the required documentation necessary to recover our clients’ funds. Concurrently, we prepare all of the claim forms, affidavits, and certificates necessary to recover the identified property. Calgary Security is in constant communication with the issuer of the payment, and closely monitors the process through the actual collection of funds by our clients.

We have a global presence, with offices throughout Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin and North America and the Middle East. This means we can pursue tracing actions worldwide in virtually every major jurisdiction, utilising our local lawyers who are fluent in a country’s native language and familiar with the local law, judges and court procedure.

We actively protect the interests of sovereign governments, international businesses and private entities in complex, cross border disputes involving international law and adjudicating bodies. As one of the world’s leading public policy law firms, we are widely acknowledged for our understanding of the complex, ever-changing global political landscape.

Our team works closely with our Financial Services, Public Policy, White Collar, Investigations & Enforcement, UK Bribery and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) groups around the world to advise on possible sanctions, avoidance techniques, and the criminal implications for non-compliance. We work to protect our clients’ interests within the guidelines of local regulations and the scope of their global compliance objectives.

In any fraud claim, time is critical. We specialize in obtaining urgent ancillary relief including freezing injunctions, search and seizure orders, disclosure orders and passport seizure orders before the relevant court. Our global reach, local knowledge and influential contacts mean we can implement the best remedy available in virtually any given jurisdiction.

Why Choose Us

We have recovered hundreds of millions of US dollars of misappropriated assets on behalf of clients.
Huge successes in major cases including the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) scandal.
Recognized and well respected in global banking circles and by certain governments for our expertise.
We represent up to 40% of the asset-based lenders in the US and have acted on virtually all of their major fraud claims.
Global fraud counsel and member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) FraudNet, with local, native-speaking lawyers in practically every major country across the world.
Expertise in coordinating multijurisdictional efforts and working with the best global forensic investigation teams.
Invaluable connections with forensic accountants and investigators who are crucial to the success of any action.